Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Script to Kill iPhone Simulator if Running

Instructions to end the iPhone Simulator process if it is running.

As part of a CI setup, it is typical to have multiple iOS build jobs running on an individual build slave. As you can only have a single instance of the iPhone Simulator, you might find some of your jobs fail because another job has started the simulator, and you can't get access to it.

What seems like a sensible approach here, is to kill the simulator if it is already running, meaning your build job is guaranteed to start from a known state. If you attempt to close the simulator when it isn't running, however, you will end up with an error, along the lines of "No matching processes belonging to you were found". That's why you need to check if the process is running first, before attempting to close it.

The following script checks if the simulator is running, and if it is, ends the process. You can do this at the start of each build job.

#kill simulator if running
killall -s "iPhone Simulator" &> /dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    killall -m -KILL "iPhone Simulator"

And in case you were wondering; this works for the iPad simulator too. The process is the same so the script above works unedited.

If you have any problems getting this going, drop me a comment below.

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