Tuesday, 10 May 2011

XBMC control for Motorola Xoom

Been a while since my last post, so thought I'd try resume with a quick and fairly non-technical post.

Bought myself a Motorola Xoom the other week (month?) there and have been loving it. It's one of these things which enters your life with such subtlety that one would be forgiven as branding it a needless luxury. It's not how much it changed my life when I got it that surprised me, rather, how much I can't now seem to function without it.

There have been many poor attempts at justifying me spoiling myself to some shiny luxury. However, one of the big ones I reckoned would be to have this portable browser in my hands one second, allowing me to play on Facebook research the social dynamics of my generation, then quickly switch to a remote for my PC, enabling me to control the background, yet necessary, TV show I inevitably watch whilst doing other things. I'm a fiddler. Worse, I like to fiddle as a background task.