Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ear won't pop

I'm currently experiencing a very odd medical condition. Whilst I'm not typically one to broadcast all my embarrassing ailments; I feel this is suitably odd/not embarrassing enough to worry about people knowing. Additionally, in my Googling for people with the same problem, there seems to be a fair few out there, but with no real suitable conclusion to the problem, so if nothing else, I'd like to raise my hand in the air and shout me too! Shouting because I probably won't hear myself doing so.

The problem you ask? Well as the title hints at, my ear won't pop. I was on a plane home 8 days ago (returning from a week in the Algarve, Portugal) and during the flight, my ears were constantly requiring popping. For anyone interested, I favour the fairly standard popping technique, of holding my nose and attempting to blow my nose, resulting in some pressure relief via the ears. My right ear was responding to this as normal, but my left ear just didn't seem to want to give. And a week and a bit on, it still hasn't.