Monday, 13 June 2011

Playing Videos on the Xoom

I recently took my girlfriend on a weekend away up to Loch Tay. It was to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and she had previously mentioned she would like to go camping. I like the idea of camping, but also kinda like having my phone above 90% charge at all times. Not to mention liking to keep my beers cooled! So we decided to go camping; the premium edition. We stayed in a wooden wigwam. It was a tremendously relaxing weekend which was long overdue given the amount of stress I was going through prior to leaving.

Obviously, a weekend away in the almost outdoors (the indoor heating, fridge/freezer, TV, microwave, kettle and shower qualifies the 'almost' I feel) is a good time to fill up the Xoom with some high quality videos to wile away the hours as the Scottish summer rains down outside! But what a nightmare getting videos to copy onto the Xoom. Read on for the problem and the seemingly bizarre solution.