Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sat Nav App for WP7

I recently went looking for a good sat nav software for my Windows Phone. Even with mango, Bing Maps is nothing more than "all right".

Sure it can get me from A to B. But doing so in an easy, safe and convenient manner whilst driving seemed to cause it issues. I mean really, it doesn't update the instructions as you pass them, so the onscreen information is still showing you how to get out your street when you've hit roadworks half way through your journey and need a plan B. And don't even get me started on a lack of turn by turn voice directions.

So I went looking. And sadly found no good free apps. However, I did find a rather spiffingly good app that comes at a cost.

Turn by Turn Navigation, by GPS Tuner LLC is the best WP7 sat nav I've found. It currently costs around £4 for the UK version (well, I use it in the UK, don't know how far it reaches) and it's a price I'll happily pay. There is a trial available for everyone to try before you buy, although be warned the trial does have the limitation that you can't plan a trip longer than 12 miles. However, the trial should give you a good idea what it is all about.

Typical navigation view

It allows you to cache maps so you can use your wifi to download maps and save on your data allowance. You cannot customise the voice, which would be a nice option. My only other minor suggestion for improvement with the app is that there isn't an easy way to repeat an instruction if you missed it, but to be fair, you do usually get a few warnings before turns.

Search Marketplace for "Turn by Turn Navigation" or try here (

Insert usual blurb about me not being affiliated with the company in any way. Just a happy user.

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